The Voice of District 4

So many people I talk to feel that they are not being heard in City Hall.  Over and over, the sentiment ranges from powerlessness and resignation to disgust.  In thinking about how to help our community, I promised myself that I would listen to everyone - to all points of view - before making any decisions that impact our district.  As a professional person in a "listening profession"  (psychotherapy), I am well suited to do this.

I believe that being open to ideas and opinions, even ones that may conflict with my opinion, is the best way to make informed decisions.  When I worked for NOVA Southeastern University, I would say to my employees, "tell me what I don't want to hear...the other side of the argument."  Having an open mind is a strength.  I believe we need to cultivate that attitude among our city leaders.

So please keep those ideas coming in!  I want to hear from you.  Let's keep this conversation going, as we move ahead with the plan to Move Tamarac Forward!