A Lovely Time at King's Cave

I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of King's Cave, Nail Grooming for Men, right here in Tamarac District 4. I wish Sebrina and the entire staff much success and happiness.  Being such wonderful, warm and kind people, they certainly deserve it!

King's Cave is located at: 7967 W. McNab Rd, Tamarac, FL 33321


Great Day at The Metro Diner!

What a wonderful event we had yesterday.  It was great to meet so many kind people and to hear their ideas for making Tamarac a better place to live.  

Thank you to the wonderful staff at The Metro Diner for making me feel at home, and for making the event worry-free.  Much appreciated!

If you couldn't make it, I hope to meet you further on up the road!  #MovingTamaracForward , #VoteForChange

Let's Do This Together!

After living in this community for several years, I am taking a leap to work with you to maintain and improve our quality of life.  I believe I can do this as your Tamarac City Commissioner for District 4.  I am passionate about being a part of city decisions that affect us all.  Please reach out to me if you would like to talk or hold a meet and greet.  I would enjoy speaking with each and every one of you.  This is your city; this is my city.

And if you can, please chip in and donate to the campaign.  This is a grassroots campaign and any amount helps.  Whether you donate $20 or $1,000 - please know that you are helping to bring positive change to Tamarac.  Let’s take control and move forward together!

Thanks so much,




What I Didn't Know

When I embarked on this campaign to bring positive change to Tamarac, I knew that I was in for a lot of hard work and lots of long days.  That's fine and I enjoy a challenge.  What I didn't fully realize was that I would meet such amazing, kind and warm people as I walked the neighborhoods of District 4.

I want to thank everyone whose hand I shook, and all who took a few moments to chat with me and share their thoughts about how to make Tamarac better.  This truly has been the best part of the experience, and I look forward to meeting more of you as I continue to knock on doors and say hello!


It's Not The President!

The way our American democracy works is that the real impact on individual people is not made by who gets elected as President. It is who will be elected locally.  In other words, our political system is set up for cities and towns to be served by locally elected officials. It's up to us to find the best representation.

What is needed is not so much politicians who will come and “fix things,” although I have plenty of ideas to repair what isn’t working.  Rather, what is needed are leaders that have the vision and experience to work with our current foundation and make our community even better. We require people who understand that being proactive is critical.

I’m proud to live in Tamarac, and if elected I will always represent the people of our community, not political or commercial interests.  It’s time to take a fresh look at the future of Tamarac and to do that we need new, fresh faces, with new ideas. I ask you to give me the opportunity to help us achieve that goal together.

Thanks so much,



If You Like the Status Quo...

...then I'm probably not your candidate.  But consider this:

Smart growth, green spaces and diversity add to the quality of life in Tamarac. Individually, each of these add one aspect of a healthy community. Together, they create synergy that complement each other and foster a community of balanced and sustainable growth. I believe a balanced approach to sustaining what we have while providing for the needs of the future must be considered in every decision. My goal will be to continue what’s working and to eliminate what isn’t.

This isn’t a one person job. No commissioner can do it alone.  I need your help so together we can make our community even better.

If you agree with my mission to make Tamarac better, please consider making a donation HERE to our campaign to help in getting the word out.

Thanks so much!

doug-city-commissioner-tamarac 1 copy.jpg

This is Grass Roots!

As your city commissioner for District 4, my goal in serving the great city of Tamarac will be to provide strong and effective leadership.  I will make decisions that positively impact our residents and businesses. I promise to always make our local government transparent, accessible and frugal.  In achieving my goals as your city commissioner I will always work to enhance our way of life. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and ideas with me.

If you share my beliefs and concerns please consider donating to our campaign. You can do so HERE.  Any amount will help, and no contribution is too small. As a true “grass roots” campaign we need your help.  We can’t accomplish our goals alone, but with your help we will!

Thanks so much,

doug-city-commissioner-tamarac 1 copy.jpg

This campaign is indeed historic!

My candidacy is getting noticed.  Recently I was interviewed by a super nice, very experienced local reporter.  HERE is the link to the original article.

In the article, I talk about being the voice of the community I will represent.  We don't have that now, but we will when, with your help, I am elected.  #MovingTamaracForward , #VoteForChange


People Have The Power!

I've said it before and I'll say it again:  this is a grassroots campaign.  It is the good people of District 4 who believe it's time for a positive change that are going to make the difference this Fall.  We will do this together!  #MovingTamaracForward #VoteForChange 

 Love, love, love meeting great people!

Love, love, love meeting great people!

It's On! (Officially)

It's official - this Monday I filed my candidacy for Tamarac city commissioner, district 4!

As I've been talking to residents in the district, it's become increasingly clear to me that people do not feel well represented in City Hall, and worse, feel that no one is listening to their concerns. That, along with financial mismanagement, are the top two concerns I hear over and over.  I'm running to change that.

My number one goal is to LISTEN to the people who are Tamarac - YOU!  With your support, I will make accountability, transparency and financial responsibility a top priority.  

It's time to bring a new generation of leadership to Tamarac.  Together we can get it done!


 Ready to go!

Ready to go!

People Build Community!

Had a great start to the day at University Hospital and Medical Center this morning attending the Tamarac/North Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce monthly breakfast meeting.  It was wonderful to meet so many people eager to network and grow their businesses.  And growing business in an efficient, responsible way is one of the pillars of my campaign.  You can read more about that HERE.

In the end, it's people who make or break a community; the friendly, positive people I met today prove once again that Tamarac is a great place to be!

 Doug Maesk with Tami Licato

Doug Maesk with Tami Licato

 Doug Maesk with Kera Butler of Apex Credit Consultants

Doug Maesk with Kera Butler of Apex Credit Consultants