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A New Direction

“They don’t get it…no one is listening to us.”  “They make it awfully hard for businesses.”  “Why are we paying so much in taxes?”  Those are the three themes I hear most as I ask residents their views on city government.  That speaks volumes.  Faith that government is working for you and has your best interests at heart is important for a cohesive, vibrant community.  I have a new vision for Tamarac that addresses these points and will get Tamarac moving in the right direction again.

I’m a big believer that if something doesn’t work, then it’s time to try a different approach.  With increasing taxes, stalled development plans that do not put residents needs and concerns first and an out-of-touch City Commission, we need a new generation of leaders that will re-imagine government and push forward with a bold vision for our future.

The three areas I will focus on as Commissioner are growth, efficient government and building community.  To learn more about how my plan will help you, click here:  A New Direction.

This is OUR chance to Move Tamarac Forward.  It is our time to recognize the changing face of our city, and to serve its needs more effectively.  I ask for your vote and your support in making Tamarac THE place to live in South Florida.  Thank you!


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